Got Attic Ventilation?

How’s the attic ventilation in your home?

Attic ventilation is important to every home; however it may get overlooked from time to time. As homeowners continuously look for ways to save on energy cost throughout the year, especially during the hot summer months, the attic ventilation is vital to maintaining a properly cooled house so the electric bill isn’t astronomical. There are different ways to have secure attic ventilation. McCauley Electric will give you the rundown on roof ventilators so you can enjoy the air quality in your home a little better.

First of all, do you know what kind of attic ventilation system your home currently has in place? No? Well, learning that is the first step. Some homes have attic vent fans. An attic vent fan cools the attic by pulling cool air from the outside and pushing the hot air in the attic out. Using an attic fan works best when the rest of the house is properly sealed off and the soffit vents are not blocked to move the hot air out. Sometimes insulation in the attic can block the way so the hot air doesn’t leave the attic. This can cause your utility bill to go through the roof as you are using your air conditioner to cool your entire home. Your air conditioner will also work harder which may deplete its functionality quicker.

Having solid attic ventilation can also keep moisture out of your attic. No one enjoys a trip to the attic, but you will like it much less if there was a problem up there. Moisture can lead to mold, mildew and insects. Yes! There are insects that love moisture in the attic. Moving the hot air out will keep the attic dry year round. And, roof shingles and other attic materials can last longer with a properly ventilated attic.

Not to be confused with an attic vent fan, a whole house fan is another type of attic ventilation system, but it does not function the same way. A whole house fan can help cool your home and help your save on your energy bill. A whole house fan forces air into the attic by pulling air in from the rest of the house. Air is then pushed out the soffit vents so the air throughout the house is circulated. In comparison, attic vent fans only cool the attic, while whole house fans help cool the entire house.

As an electrical service company, we see homes that are poorly ventilated every day. McCauley Electric can help you improve your home by installing a new attic ventilation system. We will inspect your attic to see where the ventilation problems are and let you know how we can fix it. It’s never too late to complete home improvements, especially if you can save some dollars long term. Call McCauley Electrical Service at 678-362-2881 for a FREE Estimate and more information today!

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