Backlit Street Number House Lighting

Backlit street number house lighting is probably one of those things you may not have thought of, but once you’ve got them installed, you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

One of the ways you can improve both the nighttime curb appeal and the safety of your home is having backlit street number lights on your house.  This makes it easy for delivery drivers, workers, and friends / family who haven’t been there before to tell that they’re at the right house, and helps drivers not go to the wrong house. 

Backlit street number lights with white backplateThere are several stylish types of street number lights. Our personal favorite is the LumaNumbers line of LED-backlit street numbers by Modern Lights. They are available in both a high quality stainless steel and a more economical ABS polymer, which is an impact-resistant plastic. 


You have a choice of three different colors for your stainless steel backlit LED address numbers: black, brushed nickel, or bronze.


There are also three different color options for your ABS polymer backlit LED address numbers: black, silver, or bronze


The light-up street numbers Available in three sizes in all three colors:

5 inches tall, 7 inches tall, and (in black only) 10 inch tall numbers.

Backlit street number lights without backplate on wood house

We can install these for you either on the house itself, a mailbox post, or other highly visible places.  They’re powered by your home electrical system, so there’s no need to worry about changing batteries or experiencing dimmer than usual lights after cloudy or rainy days, like can happen with some solar powered lights. 

Modern Lights® manufactures upscale, quality, Back-lit LED address numbers allowing you to see your home or business street number clearly, night and day.

Backlit street number lights without backplate

We offer numbers for you to display your address with backlit LEDs. The numbers are available as single digits, 0 through 9.

These can be installed with or without a backplate, and the backplates are available in three colors: off-white, dark brown and dark gray, or you can paint them a different color if you prefer. A backplate can both add contrast and also ensure that the wiring isn’t visible. 

backplate options for Backlit street number lights

You can create whatever combination of lighted home numbers you need to display your full address.

Discover Backlit Address Numbers by LumaNumbers™

We all know the frustration of driving at night and being unable to see the address numbers for a home. Illuminated address numbers solve this by providing well-lit numbers that display your address on the outside of your house.

Backlit street number lights without backplate brick wall

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