Let McCauley Electrical Service increase security on your property with professional security camera installation.

At one time or another, everyone has worried about preventing theft or damage at our home or business, and security cameras can help. Security cameras are mounted in strategic locations around your property (such as near entrances) and monitor it inside or out. Security cameras are connected to a central receiver (either directly or wirelessly) which includes a monitor and DVR equipment. Anything the security cameras see, you can see and record through these devices. Depending on the model’s features, security cameras can be set to record at certain times, if motion is detected, or on demand. Having a security camera means you will have solid information if a crime is committed, which can help lead to arrests and convictions. Perhaps more importantly, easily-seen security cameras are deterrents that can help stop criminal activity before it starts.

If you’d like to discuss adding or upgrading security cameras or any part of a security system, get in touch with us. McCauley Electrical Service provides installation for a wide variety of security camera systems including Swann, Lorex, Defender, zmodo, and more. Contact us today at 678-362-2881 or Email Us for a free quote.

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