Is Home Automation Right for You?

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Home automation uses technology, like vacancy sensors and motion switches, to make everyday tasks in your home simpler, safer, and less expensive. Atlanta Home automation systems can allow you to control all of your lights from one keypad, create or enhance home theater and entertainment systems, strengthen home security, automate locks and doors, and increase energy efficiency.

Smart Devices

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Landscaping Lighting

And More!

home theater
home automation door locksUnlock the door, turn off your alarm, and turn on lights by entering just one code into the door lock.

Program a temporary code, or simply unlock the door via an app on your smartphone, to let a repair person into your home without having to give out a key.

Ring Video DoorbellAccess systems with your smart phone – open and close drapery, adjust indoor and outdoor lighting, and more!

Cost vs Savings

Even though Atlanta home automation requires some expense to get started, by working with us to give your system design some thought, you’ll find the long-term benefits can far outweigh your initial investment.

All of our systems are scalable so you can start small and add on as your budget permits.

  • Utilizing occupancy sensors and motion switches can greatly reduce electric, cooling, and heating bills.
  • Unlimited online access to security cameras can eliminate costly monthly charges to security monitoring companies.
  • Install a home theater or whole house sound system to reduce the number of times you go out each month for entertainment and save money with home automation.

top 5 reasons for home automation and automated systems

1. Save money on utilities
Utilities can amount to several hundred dollars per month. Home automation can turn off lights or lower the thermostat automatically when you aren’t using them and easily lower utility bills by 10% to 25%.

2. Increased home safety
Many accidents happen in the home because of poor lighting. Home automation can turn lights on and off (we know how kids love to leave the lights on all the time) in closets, stairways, and other dark places when you enter and decrease the chance of accidentally tripping or running into things.

3. Home security
Although home security is a priority for everyone, high installation costs, monthly monitoring, and long-term contracts can make security systems cost prohibitive for most homeowners. A home automation system designed and installed by McCauley Electrical can provide a cost-effective solution to home security.

4. Good for the environment
In a time when we are all becoming more environmentally conscious, home automation provides a good solution to help preserve our natural resources. Home automation products can reduce power consumption and automatically turn off lights and appliances when they aren’t in use.

5. Peace of mind
Never again worry about your home while you’re away. Using home video cameras and an Internet connection, you can check on the status of your home or kids from anywhere in the world using a tablet or a smart phone without slowing down your internet connection. And, best of all, you own the system; you’re not renting it from some big company that’s only interested in collecting outrageous fees every month.

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